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Webtrackr monitors webpages for changes and alerts you via Email, Slack or Telegram on detecting a change.

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  • 1Install the Webtrackr extension for a browser of your choice: Chrome or Firefox .
  • 2Use the extension to select a webpage or a section of the webpage that you'd like to track for changes.
  • 3Sit back and relax! Our bots monitor webpages on the cloud, upto every 2 minutes, and alert you on detecting a change.

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Use Cases

Webtrackr can be used for hundreds of business & personal use cases

Defacement Monitoring

Get alerted on unwanted changes to your company website either through internal error or by malicious external actors.

Competitor Intelligence

Monitor competitor websites for pricing changes, offers, blog updates, product accouncements etc

Event Tickets

Get notified moments after tickets to your favourite events become available or go on sale.

Finance & Trading

Leverage public financial news & announcements. Get alerted minutes after the relevant news is published.


Use Webtrackr to watch out for keywords, search engine rankings and content changes.

Appointment Slots

Get notified when slots open up for visa applications, vaccine availability etc.


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Intuitive Dashboard

Manage all items you're tracking on a single easy to use and intutive dashboard.

Start and pause item tracking, modify checking intervals & notification channels, manage your account etc in a centralised location.

Complete Change History

Webtrackr maintains full archieves of version histories of items that you're monitoring.

View them on the dashboard along with changes across time.

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Dynamic Pages Supported

Out bots use headless Chrome & run Javascript, so it doesn't matter if you're monitroing a static page or a dynamic modern Single Page website built with frontend frameworks like React, Vue or AngularJS.

We support monitoring all types of webpages!

Rotating Proxies

Webtrackr uses a large pool of rotating proxies to ensure that our bots are never blocked or rate limited by the websites that you're monitoring - even on high volume checks.

Never miss a change, ever!

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